Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SmArtist Artist ...in training...

A few weeks ago I took a leap of faith and have invested in myself and my art by registering and committing to a telesummit. If you click on the title you'll go to their registration web page to find out all they are offering. You know some of us education types.... suckin up all the information we can about what we do. I actually enjoy those meetings and inservices I go to when it applies to something I'm interested in. Things like brain research and how it applies to learning. Treatment of ADHD, (now all known as ADD I understand), etc. Now I will admit I CONSTANTLY doodle during most, but I have ADD so I can multi-task... no I NEED to multi-task in order to pay attention! ...but I digress.

I'm really excited about getting the information. Self-supporting artists - portfolios - how to find corporate buyers , tax and law information and more... all in the next 7 days. All from what appears to be credible qualified people. It's all going to be completed via an on-line format and I'll get a CD and a link if I can't catch it as it is taking place. (Which is a GREAT thing because in spite of my registering for the pre-summit sessions, I wasn't able to get to any of them as they were taking place!)

...soooo I'll be pretty busy these next few days and I may not post anything (also trying hard to do regularly) for a little bit. I am adding two photos... one of a tractor a former student now an adult and friend (Thanks Tonya!!!) took a picture of and then the painting I created from it.
As someone with strong roots in a rural farming area this was "home" and easy to invision the what the inside of the barn might look a little like (which was fabricated from a shallower region of the brain ;). I seem to have a "cartoony" (to me) edge to most of my attempts toward realism - but to me pleasing to my eye. I like the monochromatic color scheme here and learning the white/black color mixing to create the difference in shade was a little challenging. Definitely a learning experience! Hope you enjoy too!


Sandy Sandy said...

I Jana -
I'll be the first and break the ice! Nice start here.... I know you will get so much out of this seminar and with a blog up and running, you are already ahead of the game!

I just did a little free phone-mentoring with one of my students. My advice to her is the same to you Jana- SQUINT More. You will see why Lobo's Boots is such a winner. Best Wishes and Keep Your Brushes Wet! from a fellow SmARTist!

Art of Jana said...

Thanks for the advice & encouragement... and breaking in my blog with the 1st comment. I'm hoping it will be the 1st of many, from many!

Sandy Sandy said...

Jana ~ You are most welcome for the comments! That's one of my traits, for better or worse, I usually jump right in without thinking about it.
"Enthusiasm moves the world." ~ Arthur James Balfour -And you definitely have that going for you also! : - D