Sunday, January 25, 2009

Me-ow in Oil

"Look into My Eyes!"

I've been working on my nieces portraits from a photo. I took it to art class the other day and my instructor brought out the oils. I had never used them before. It was fun, the frustrating, the fun, then frustrating. (One day I'll finish the painting for all to see. I decided to pull them out at home and see what I could come up with. Without committing myself to a looney bin while trying to get techniques down. The ACEO size was perfect to practice with. This is what I came up with... The photo doesn't give the eyes their due, but they do look pretty good if I do say so myself! I still don't have the hang of it, but I see a bit better how it's done. Acrylic will probably be my dru - er, I mean medium of choice.


Haloquin said...


So good!

Have you ever thought about water-mixable oils?

They have the gorgeous mixability of oils, don't need turps, and dry within a couple of days (ish).

Art of Jana said...

I've read a little about it - I'd love to try it. I like the look of oils, but I don't have a lot of patience. I wonder if I'd feel different with a 2(ish) day wait ;)I have to make a sell or two before I can buy any more paint! ..but I believe I'll start looking for some in the meantime..

Thanks for reminding me!