Thursday, February 12, 2009

and the winning numbers are:

....and the winning numbers(if you can't read my blurry screen shot or you don't want to click on it) are in the order they were chosen:

161: Winner of Dixie's Retreat" 8" X 10" matted print -

176: "Blue Door" notecards - Sonny Nobles (honest to goodness how this happened, I'm really not sure, but I work next door to him. The numbers were randomly chosen from I'll probably add an additional winner just because this is just too freaky!) make up for this bizarre incident: #142 -

#118: Froggie Hangin' On notecards-

#16: Wolf notecards -

#147: "Dixie's Retreat" fridge magnet -

I've e-mailed everyone or left a message on your blog, and I hope to hear from you very soon! Congratulations!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven....

I'm counting down. Thirty more minutes till the end of the giveaway. (One World One Heart )I'm thrilled that it will soon be over, so I can actually start digging into and following some of the participants. It amazed me to find so many creative people sharing the same "space". This two caution light gal loves that the world has gotten a little smaller for her, and I'm sure many other small town artists feel a freedom like no other here... blogging, chatting, finding like-minded people.

27 minutes left to enter.... scroll down and get your name in the pot!

Photo of the night will be of what I call FL913 - (it's the boat numbers....) a lot like what you might see in the area, but strickly a place from my mind! Hope you like...

Monday, February 9, 2009

What flower are you?

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

Going through the One World One Heart giveaway...found this one - couldn't help it...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Marvin the Martian, Wolves and Money

I'm watching Dr. Strangelove. ...well, I was listening, and I thought Marvin the Martian had somehow entered the scene. a little humerous second or two.

I think I've been overdue in adding some of my painting photos here. FINALLY, we figured I needed a little more juice in my thyroid medication, and today I've started to feel a little more like the normal me, which includes a tiny bit of adventure and a little more "feel the fear and do it any way" attitude.

Everyone calls my honey Lobo, (to whom belong the boots in an earlier post)and I found an old puzzle of a wolf. I figured I'd give my first 4-legged animal a try. It's the third painting I've finished since I decided to give this painting thing a more serious look. First was the boots, even though I started the blue door first I finished it second. The wolf was a challenge, but fun. Of course, like most perfectionists, I see things that are a little "catiwampus"...but I'm pretty pleased for a first. I did figure something out... do the background first! lol (but I still get excited an forget)

I still have the original and it's for sell... any takers? It's a 16" X 20" acrylic and currently in a barnwood frame. Any offers considered... Setting prices on art initially have been difficult. I've been told, the general rule of thumb is a dollar per square inch. $320? What do you think? How would YOU set your art prices in today's economy?

...oh, and I DO have prints... I'll post sizes and prices shortly!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So overwhelmed!

It's lunch-time and I snuck a peak at my OWOH give-away, and in less than 12 hours over 50 people have signed up. My head is swelling at all the compliments and it has come at such a phenomenal time in my psyche. My motivation to paint had withered a bit... this has given me just the amount of watering I needed to make me want to go home and plant a little paint tonight! Thank you!!!!!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One World One Heart. - Give Away..

I just stumbled upon a One World One Heart. A very unique concept, and I'm going to give it a try if my battery doesn't die before I can get to it. Of course, the deadline to get it in is tonight.

I will be giving away a matted print (8"x10" with mat) entitled "Dixie's Retreat"... and no, it has nothing to do with the place or the song, but a person. Dixie was one of those unique women who seemed acutely aware of who she was and stood firmly at her place in this world. She led an adventurous life from what I knew of her, and you could normally see the joy that she held inside her. The day I heard Dixie was very ill was the night of my painting class. I chose to paint this one in her honor.

.....She has since passed on to the next life, but she will not be forgotten. She loved to travel and loved the ocean. So I look forward to sharing it with one of those that enter and in a way it will also have a part of her keep traveling on this earth! . You enter by commenting, leaving your name and a way to get in touch with you if you are the one chosen to receive it. (random drawing from the entries) ...One World, One Heart....

Ooops - forgot to mention, the winner will be announced on February 12th, 2009! Deadline to enter will be the 11th @ 11;59 pm :)

Guys, I've had such a GREAT response, I'm adding a set of blank note cards with envelopes of the painting on the right (no wait - that's my other right!) This will be for a 2nd drawing...and if I happen to hit over 150 comments I'll have a 3rd drawing... I'll add a set of my froggie cards (the one I use for my icon) too... maybe more anyway. This giveaway has been such an enriching experience - I feel like giving even more! :)

Click on the icon on the right, and see all the hundreds of people participating in their own give away, and get to know the lady that started this One World One Hear concept... Maybe you can think of something to give away next year!

Twitterly amazed & grateful

I am so in awe... I am totally amazed at the creative people in this world that share their talents with the world. ...and do so in such a peaceful way. Even in our darker expressive creations; they are shared without harming another. We may feel pain or sadness when we see them, even while we are creating them, but their presence is healing.

When I look at others' gifts they share (the poetry of sharing their daily lives with words, in paint, or with twinkling blocks of glass ) I somehow find solace in it. I even find comfort in the posts of others that have found others that have shared. The bits of humor sprinkled in the midst of money madness and mortgage mayhem helps remind me of what is of REAL importance... family, friends, art, puppies, children of all ages. (not necessarily in that order).

To all of you - I am grateful!

Now - can anyone make me feel better or help my absent-mindedness?