Thursday, January 22, 2009

ACEO Heaven

What is an ACEO, you may ask? Well, for me, it's been heaven. When I have a little time, and want to get creative, but not enough time to do an 8" X 10" or bigger, I pull out the standard size 2.5 x 3.5 size card stock, watercolor paper, or canvas, pull out the baby paint tubes and fine tip pens and markers, watercolor pencils, and what ever else I want to and get down to it.

The first ACEOs I created were the first art pieces that sold. They were the ones that gave me my permission to call myself an artist! These buyers, really probably have no idea how important their purchase was to me. They were not people I know, or people that are related to me, or even friends of a friend. For this reason, I knew someone appreciated my art, based on the art itself... not just because they feel obligated because I am who I am.

The two pictured above here were those two that first sold. (The top one I original had considered throwing away.) They both are living in NYC somewhere, and I have several more! They are my fledglings. I just pray my artists wings will work well and soar as well! The one on the left is in Calhoun County!

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