Friday, December 23, 2011

Drawing Dreaming: Giveaway: pendant with chain of your choice from L...

Drawing Dreaming: Giveaway: pendant with chain of your choice from L...:

I like blog giveaways... I have won several really cool ones. The one linked above is for a pendant of the winner's choosing. Cool stuff!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I enrolled this semester in Academy of Art University of San Francisco in their online Master's of Fine Arts program. I'm taking Color Theory and Art and Ideology in the 20th Century. I'm enjoying the academics of Art and Ideology - taking the philosophers of the day and comparing art to their ideas. I'm good at academics that makes sense and can relate to things I know. The color theory - kicking my arse. I think mostly because of its mathematical rule-type procedure that I've never been very good at following. I think it's good for me, because it forces the methodical, makes me slow down and really look at color and how it behaves. The grading - takes the fun away from it, but I don't know how to move myself away from the grading "brainwash". Also, part of me understands the "necessity" of learning the rules in order to better break them, but another part of me wants to say "to hell with theory" and play until it looks like I want it. I've re-done almost every assignment to take the C's to B-'s, I'm learning the rules, but I don't have to really like it.

Which makes me go back to the ..."Why am I doing this?" The initial thinking was to force myself to take the time to paint. If I'm paying for it, I'm going to do it. That part has worked. I have painted an AWFUL lot of swatches and did a lot of cutting little squares that are supposed to be straight - I have never been able to cut a straight line!!!!

The other reason was my retirement thinking.... This is my 25th - 5 to go if I can last that long. I have a Master's in Adult Education and Distance Learning... thinking I'd be able to use that to teach on-line... it didn't help. Most positions that I would qualify for would require relocation, that I'm not quite ready for. Because I have an elementary ed degree and I'm only certified in special education and gifted education, I'm not "adjunct" material because I don't have the 18 hours in a "field". So - I picked an area I enjoy - painting/art - and I'm looking for my 18 hours. Not sure I'm up for making it through.

That being said.... samples of my work.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Water & Oil ...again

Here's how it started before I asked my "world" on Facebook what they saw on the beach. I got a "children playing in the sand, parents watching, etc." ... but I liked the naked volleyball and then the "fat" naked ladies playing volleyball the best.

I started with the volleyball net and then I started on the lady... well she took over the net, and I added clothes so my mom wouldn't frown. I did throw in the "tramp stamp" just to make it a little "rebellious". The red balloon... well, it just needed to be there! lol

Then I gave that one a rest and started on a new subject matter. I've never done a doggie portrait, so here's my first attempt. Ruby (the dog's name) isn't finished, but I'm not ashamed of the start!

...and don't forget to look at the archives for more of my painting fun!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Power of Prayer???

A little food for thought.

This is the order of events from yesterday and today:

1. I had a particularly stressful day with one VERY rambunctious student yesterday. (Bad case of the "cain't help its" with a sprinkling of attitude. You gotta love 'em!)
2. I get an e-mail of posts from a site called "Art Lessons from God" and one of their links yesterday led me to a prayer site where people post their prayer requests.
3. I posted a prayer for all teachers of at-risk students to be filled with what we need to make a positive difference. When I posted I was thinking hard about this student.
4. This morning a call brought news that yesterday afternoon after school that particular student broke bones in their hand and won't be in class for several days.

I had a very productive and peaceful day today. I feel like I made a difference. ...While I wouldn't wish anything like this on any student, could this be the power of prayer? ....needless to say it gave me a rather large jolt!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yesterday's Play Tomorrow's Fortune

Yesterday I was playing with one of the new apps on my Iphone. I polarized a photo of myself and used it as a guide to play with my new water-soluble oil paints. ...Guess I'm getting ready for Halloween. I'm hoping one day my play becomes a fortune... but if not - I sure do enjoy playing!

Haven't named it yet.... any suggestions?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Punch and Judy and Water-Soluable Oil Paint

Well,'s been a little while. I had planned on using this as a means to market my art, but if I am to follow that plan, I actually need to paint a little more and be more dedicated to the cause and post a little more often. It stinks when you actually have to work for a living.

I have discovered a new kind of paint - which isn't all that new - just new to me. Water Soluable oil paint has sparked my creative juices more than I've been lately. ...Not a lot of time this morning, so I'll post yesterday's creations. 4 characters from the "Punch and Judy" Show. Each are 2.5" x 3.5" and were so much fun to do, it should almost be sinful!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blue Moonshine

I'm gradually getting back to my painting again. Sharing this one with the world. Hope it brings someone a quiet place in their day...
Calling this one "Blue Moonshine"

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back in the paint again.

...and something besides paint for my kitchen cabinets. I can't believe how crazy I've allowed life to be lately. The end of the school year always gets a little hectic, and add ordering, Lobo surprising me being home, and the kitchen update I'm either at full throttle or OFF!

After 2 months of not painting, I went to painting Thursday night and started a new painting. I'm using 4 x 4 canvases to create a sunflower collection. I've gotten 1 canvas completed out of 7. The backgrounds have been completed on all of them. Tried it again night before and wasn't having a good painting night. I went back to the kitchen cabinets again!

...Until I get pics of both...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Daisy Jane

It's been a little while, since my tick post.  Just sharing my new addition.  She's on her way home from the vets.  She is a little chihuahua rescue I have named Daisy Jane.  She was one of 50 in a 1 bedroom home.  The air toxicity was so high they wore hazmat suits initially. There was feces all over the place. There were an additional 30 outside.  There were a total of 89 chihuahuas, 16 goats, and 4 horses. (With more dogs coming because more than 4 were pregnant!)

This past week has been one milestone after another.  From being skiddish, to clingy, to "o.k. I can let you out of my site and I'll still be o.k.... but don't go too far or leave me something that I can "smell" you on."  Last week I took her to work with me. (Shhhhh. Don't tell the boss.) Two days ago was the first day she played.  She doesn't see size and she's furocious when she's in my arms. When I plop her in someone's arms, she gets quiet and doesn't growl.  She chased my "pitstralian" out of the kitchen and he had his tail tucked!  I'm working on this behavior.

She's smart - already house broken, can sit, has NO problems walking on a leash.  I am ashamed to say I'm becoming one of "those" doggie moms.  I bought her an "Easy Rider" t-shirt yesterday...and she looks too cute in pink! (For Shame - she dresses better than I do!)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Removing Ticks

I know, you're wondering about the title, but you nature lovers understand the importance of this little tidbit.  I have No Clue where the information originated, but it sounds like it just may work.  The e-mail sent said, and I quote:

"Apply a glob of liquid soap to a cotton ball. Cover the tick with the soap-soaked cotton ball and swab it for a few seconds (15-20), the tick will come out on its own and be stuck to the cotton ball when you lift it away.  This technique has worked every time I've used it (and that was frequently), and it's much less traumatic for ! the patient and easier for me. Unless someone is allergic to soap, I can't see that this would be damaging in any way. I even had my doctor's wife call me for advice because she had one stuck to her back and she couldn't reach it with tweezers. She used this method and immediately called me back to say,  "It worked!"

My wish to you... is that you never have to use the information! 

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pancake Designs and a wonderful family!

Easter is a wonderful day in many ways, but for me it's extra special. I get to partake in my annual ritual of becoming a pancake designer. Yes, the domestic self comes to the surface and I design pancakes. Sunday is normally pancake breakfasts anyway, but on Easter Sunday my pancakes grow ears and a tail.

For those that know my mother, you know how serious (and opinionated) she can be. I'm sure she and I had "fun" when I was little, but the most exciting time I can remember with her was an Easter Sunday where she fixed bunny pancakes. ...just one year. When Jesse was born and grew teeth, I wanted to have him experience the "happy" I had when presented those brown buttered bunnies. ...and the ritual began.

This year, I'm sharing with you all - not a masterpiece, but I saw a guy on the Food network do some phenominal art with pancake batter. He had a squeezie ketchup bottle with batter for more control. I, on the other hand, had a measuring cup. ...I'm going to invest, and next year we'll compare works! (Lobo likes his a little more "brown" than I do!)

It was a little sad today at our family get together, as my Aunt Gerry, and Uncle Clarence were not able to be there. We usually have it at their house, I can never remember having Easter any where else in my 40+ years. We all met at my Cousin Margie's and had a wonderful feast and fellowship with family. You know, the "hmmmm now what's that person's name" moments. I saw Vicki & Debbie, and their children. It was good to see them - it's been years! Overall, it's been a great day! Happy Easter all!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Slurping Up an Apalachicola Art Walk

Saturday was the Apalachicola Art Walk and Wine and Cheese Tasting. I'm not a drinker, but I did say cheese in a couple of photos! ;)

Here I am in all my glory, painting up a storm. (No pun intended with all the wicked weather we've been having.) I had a grand time, sold a little, exposed a lot (and no, I didn't get beads - just a sunburn - and it was only on my right arm!) If you click on the Title, it will take you to the postcard about the event. My honey and I ate dinner at "The Owl" of Southern Living claim - my earnings paid for half the meal and the gas, so I probably made about a dollar. I also had a brush with a celebrity. David Hart of "In the Heat of the Night" had dinner with us - lol o.k., so he was at the next table, but for some reason my honey sees him on a regular basis: at the gas station, at the Captain's Table in Panama City, and there was another time of late. Lobo's a difficult character to forget once you've seen him, so there is always a recognition. I'm usually not too impressed by the "celebrity" fame - people are people. However, I will say Mr. Hart is very comfortable in his own skin, doesn't mind striking up a conversation, and smiles. His wife is also very nice. I did slip him a postcard with my "Dixie's Retreat" painting and told him next time he wanted to hang out with my man all he had to do was call me and I would arrange it. lol I appreciate "Real" people, and I'm pretty good at spotting phony people - David and his wife both seem very real and it was a pleasure meeting them both. Along with the many other people who came by and talked with me - Joe at the Museum, Marsha who lives on a sailboat with Chester (her dog) and a guitar player, Jan my pottery making friend, and many other Georgia folks and Tallahassee folks. Oh, and thank you Gary Wayne - owner of Market Street Antiques for allowing me to set up shop in front of your shop! It was a great day!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I won, and now I'm hooked. )

Since getting notice of winning Punny, I'm using some of my spring break leisure finding blog giveaways. Lots of interesting things out here. The latest I found was from The Giveaway & Laura J.'s Designs jewelry work. I've entered! Very unique stuff.