Thursday, April 1, 2010

I enrolled this semester in Academy of Art University of San Francisco in their online Master's of Fine Arts program. I'm taking Color Theory and Art and Ideology in the 20th Century. I'm enjoying the academics of Art and Ideology - taking the philosophers of the day and comparing art to their ideas. I'm good at academics that makes sense and can relate to things I know. The color theory - kicking my arse. I think mostly because of its mathematical rule-type procedure that I've never been very good at following. I think it's good for me, because it forces the methodical, makes me slow down and really look at color and how it behaves. The grading - takes the fun away from it, but I don't know how to move myself away from the grading "brainwash". Also, part of me understands the "necessity" of learning the rules in order to better break them, but another part of me wants to say "to hell with theory" and play until it looks like I want it. I've re-done almost every assignment to take the C's to B-'s, I'm learning the rules, but I don't have to really like it.

Which makes me go back to the ..."Why am I doing this?" The initial thinking was to force myself to take the time to paint. If I'm paying for it, I'm going to do it. That part has worked. I have painted an AWFUL lot of swatches and did a lot of cutting little squares that are supposed to be straight - I have never been able to cut a straight line!!!!

The other reason was my retirement thinking.... This is my 25th - 5 to go if I can last that long. I have a Master's in Adult Education and Distance Learning... thinking I'd be able to use that to teach on-line... it didn't help. Most positions that I would qualify for would require relocation, that I'm not quite ready for. Because I have an elementary ed degree and I'm only certified in special education and gifted education, I'm not "adjunct" material because I don't have the 18 hours in a "field". So - I picked an area I enjoy - painting/art - and I'm looking for my 18 hours. Not sure I'm up for making it through.

That being said.... samples of my work.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Water & Oil ...again

Here's how it started before I asked my "world" on Facebook what they saw on the beach. I got a "children playing in the sand, parents watching, etc." ... but I liked the naked volleyball and then the "fat" naked ladies playing volleyball the best.

I started with the volleyball net and then I started on the lady... well she took over the net, and I added clothes so my mom wouldn't frown. I did throw in the "tramp stamp" just to make it a little "rebellious". The red balloon... well, it just needed to be there! lol

Then I gave that one a rest and started on a new subject matter. I've never done a doggie portrait, so here's my first attempt. Ruby (the dog's name) isn't finished, but I'm not ashamed of the start!

...and don't forget to look at the archives for more of my painting fun!