Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Water & Oil ...again

Here's how it started before I asked my "world" on Facebook what they saw on the beach. I got a "children playing in the sand, parents watching, etc." ... but I liked the naked volleyball and then the "fat" naked ladies playing volleyball the best.

I started with the volleyball net and then I started on the lady... well she took over the net, and I added clothes so my mom wouldn't frown. I did throw in the "tramp stamp" just to make it a little "rebellious". The red balloon... well, it just needed to be there! lol

Then I gave that one a rest and started on a new subject matter. I've never done a doggie portrait, so here's my first attempt. Ruby (the dog's name) isn't finished, but I'm not ashamed of the start!

...and don't forget to look at the archives for more of my painting fun!