Sunday, January 11, 2009

Putting it in Order...

I just have finished painting the tops of my paint and putting them in my new organizer. I'm forever moving from home to school to class and it's been abnormally challenging to find the right color when ever the tubes were just dumped into a traveling bag. I'm hoping the craft tote I purchased will make the flow of paint go easier.

Newsworthy, our co-op didn't make it. ...not enough people to commit to their part in order to pay rent for this month. I'm glad we didn't have a lease. I feel with a little bit more planning initially would have helped us make it a little longer. I've not given up on the thought, and talks of another building has already emerged.

Also, I'd like to thank the members of the Northwest Florida Artist Guild for making me feel at home at my first meeting. I paid my dues, and look forward to our monthly meeting and workshop. The visiting artist was Joan Matey who does "miniature assemblages; mixed media art oddities, puppets and stage props" (got that straight from the site.) She spoke about art and emotional expression. She was featured in a documentary about her Bye, Bye, Bi-Polar Bears assembly, which is now in the appreciative hands of Patch Adams. It was quite a piece! Who would have thought I would start my first Art Guild meeting with tears. The piece was in honor/homage to a brother-in-law who had struggled with mental illness. Very moving, and hits close to home. Joan's creativity pours from her pores. I was inspired.

The painting added tonight I'm calling "Calling on Eagle Ancestors" and it's a 16" X 20" acrylic that started as finger painting. "I love playing in paint!" It is to honor the Native American woman's strength, power, humble & internal pride which can be paralleled with the characteristics of an Eagle. I love the colors and contrast. ...I'm learning and loving!

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