Sunday, January 18, 2009

No longer a comment virgin!

A special thanks to Sandy Sandy, a fellow SmARTist, who posted the first comment! I'm hoping she will be the first of many, from many. I also just added a "myspace" space. I just realized just how extensive the on-line networking can be. I LOVE looking for and at the artists' blogs. (I've also found quite a few of my former students! they'd better behave! lol) I'll be looking at facebook and twitter in the next few days.

Hmmmm - so what to post tonight. I think you'll get my "Boats fer Rent" - I know it's an odd perspective, but I remember 4th of July at the Dead Lakes - Uncle James & Aunt Pearl's place. If I remember right, to get to the lake, you had to go down the hill, and there were several small docks. I also found a Dead Lakes picture or two from the Florida Memory Project . It has a large archive of photos from the state with a pretty good search tool. Great site!
This painting all started with the cricket cage I purchased at an estate auction. It caught my eye and reminded me of one of those childhood memories that gets massaged occasionally. It's hard to see detail, but there are crickets in the cage, worms in the boat, a turtle on the bank and fish shadows in the water.... and a bug here and there.... hope you like.

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