Monday, August 25, 2008


Yipee! It's a print. A while back I started that geranium/begonia painting and rather than turn the begonias back to geraniums I started another painting instead (the one on the left), and then another, and then another, and then another. Most days I'd rather paint than eat - which is quite a statement coming from me! I've several paintings completed...almost 5 now. ...and I have a couple started at the moment. ...and a couple I wonder if I'll EVER finish! lol

I'd love to get home from work, throw the paint-pants on and paint every afternoon - but with students just starting, testing , etc. I can't seem to get home at a decent hour and then I get home so tired - I crash. My painting has come to a slow crawl except for Thursday nights where I actually have started a painting class. I'm learning a lot about technique and things such as retarder (I love the stuff!). I've also learned that when painting black - you really don't use black paint. (Who'da thunk it?) and I also have figured out a portrait with acrylic paints is not an easy task!

All that being said... I took my first leap. I had prints made. ...Yes, now, once I sell just one... lol I'll consider myself an artist! I laugh, but I can't tell you how hard it was to show someone my work. I liked it, my honey liked it, his children liked it, my child liked it (I guess) and I jumped. My honey has a friend that owns a business as a photographer and he and his wife have started doing artist prints. It just so happened that the guy has a passion for vintage toy trains. ...and I just happened to have bought some to sell on Ebay. Needless to say - I love bartering!

I had it "set-up" and now can have prints made of any size, any type of paper, canvas even, if you like. The first ones are giclee' prints that are museum quality and will last more than 100 years. I've had a few already printed and if I get a special order I only have to make a phone call for the order to be in. It depends on how busy they are with weddings and such how quickly it will be printed.

I will be adding other photos of my paintings as I can. I'm going all out now. With little exception I share something that I didn't think I'd really ever put it "out there" for people to see. Breaking down walls of my own. Be gentle, be critical, give me pointers, ask for an order... for now I haven't set any prices - so all is negotiable at this moment. ...make an offer. :)