Thursday, January 29, 2009

Going, Going, Going, Going....

I haven't stopped today! It's 11PM and I'm finally settling in to watch Dark Shadows with my honey. It's a nightly ritual. I was too scared to watch when it was actually on TV, so I've become a fan!

I went to painting tonight after Subway with Lobo. I took the chicken painting I've started... I still have trouble adding yellows. I did a little and then went on to the chicken wire. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing so good, and I'm pleased with my work, then I get to painting and I find myself feeling very inadequate. It could be that I haven't been to painting in a month or so, and it could also be the lack of time I've spent with brush in hand.

...and while this isn't painting related, I'm selling my bike. I'd been painting so often and trying to get the co-op off the ground, and physical ickiness - I hadn't been riding.'s a 2002 Ridley Speedster. I'm going to miss having her around, but she deserves to be ridden!


JK said...

Never believe you're inadequate...perhaps you may not know all you need to know to achieve the desired'll get there!!

Art of Jana said...

Thanks for your words of encouragement. I've got a lot to learn for certain... It is all very new to me. I tell my students all the time - if you knew it all, you wouldn't be here! Must remember trust and faith!

Your art is beautiful, and I will be certain to pass your site to others. (I especially appreciate the work "Best Friends" ....(I have an Australian Shepherd - gives me that warm fuzzy feeling!)Thank you so much for sharing it!