Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Power of Prayer???

A little food for thought.

This is the order of events from yesterday and today:

1. I had a particularly stressful day with one VERY rambunctious student yesterday. (Bad case of the "cain't help its" with a sprinkling of attitude. You gotta love 'em!)
2. I get an e-mail of posts from a site called "Art Lessons from God" and one of their links yesterday led me to a prayer site where people post their prayer requests.
3. I posted a prayer for all teachers of at-risk students to be filled with what we need to make a positive difference. When I posted I was thinking hard about this student.
4. This morning a call brought news that yesterday afternoon after school that particular student broke bones in their hand and won't be in class for several days.

I had a very productive and peaceful day today. I feel like I made a difference. ...While I wouldn't wish anything like this on any student, could this be the power of prayer? ....needless to say it gave me a rather large jolt!