Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Twitterly amazed & grateful

I am so in awe... I am totally amazed at the creative people in this world that share their talents with the world. ...and do so in such a peaceful way. Even in our darker expressive creations; they are shared without harming another. We may feel pain or sadness when we see them, even while we are creating them, but their presence is healing.

When I look at others' gifts they share (the poetry of sharing their daily lives with words, in paint, or with twinkling blocks of glass ) I somehow find solace in it. I even find comfort in the posts of others that have found others that have shared. The bits of humor sprinkled in the midst of money madness and mortgage mayhem helps remind me of what is of REAL importance... family, friends, art, puppies, children of all ages. (not necessarily in that order).

To all of you - I am grateful!

Now - can anyone make me feel better or help my absent-mindedness?

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