Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So overwhelmed!

It's lunch-time and I snuck a peak at my OWOH give-away, and in less than 12 hours over 50 people have signed up. My head is swelling at all the compliments and it has come at such a phenomenal time in my psyche. My motivation to paint had withered a bit... this has given me just the amount of watering I needed to make me want to go home and plant a little paint tonight! Thank you!!!!!


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tsduff said...

You must know that none of those are empty compliments - your picture is truly beautiful. I feel the same way sometimes about my photos - I mean, EVERYONE can take pictures. But it is very nice to hear others say they like your work. Lifted my spirits too. Your painting is still one of my most hoped for contest to win :) Keep up the painting - you are talented.