Monday, May 11, 2009

Daisy Jane

It's been a little while, since my tick post.  Just sharing my new addition.  She's on her way home from the vets.  She is a little chihuahua rescue I have named Daisy Jane.  She was one of 50 in a 1 bedroom home.  The air toxicity was so high they wore hazmat suits initially. There was feces all over the place. There were an additional 30 outside.  There were a total of 89 chihuahuas, 16 goats, and 4 horses. (With more dogs coming because more than 4 were pregnant!)

This past week has been one milestone after another.  From being skiddish, to clingy, to "o.k. I can let you out of my site and I'll still be o.k.... but don't go too far or leave me something that I can "smell" you on."  Last week I took her to work with me. (Shhhhh. Don't tell the boss.) Two days ago was the first day she played.  She doesn't see size and she's furocious when she's in my arms. When I plop her in someone's arms, she gets quiet and doesn't growl.  She chased my "pitstralian" out of the kitchen and he had his tail tucked!  I'm working on this behavior.

She's smart - already house broken, can sit, has NO problems walking on a leash.  I am ashamed to say I'm becoming one of "those" doggie moms.  I bought her an "Easy Rider" t-shirt yesterday...and she looks too cute in pink! (For Shame - she dresses better than I do!)

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