Monday, April 6, 2009

Slurping Up an Apalachicola Art Walk

Saturday was the Apalachicola Art Walk and Wine and Cheese Tasting. I'm not a drinker, but I did say cheese in a couple of photos! ;)

Here I am in all my glory, painting up a storm. (No pun intended with all the wicked weather we've been having.) I had a grand time, sold a little, exposed a lot (and no, I didn't get beads - just a sunburn - and it was only on my right arm!) If you click on the Title, it will take you to the postcard about the event. My honey and I ate dinner at "The Owl" of Southern Living claim - my earnings paid for half the meal and the gas, so I probably made about a dollar. I also had a brush with a celebrity. David Hart of "In the Heat of the Night" had dinner with us - lol o.k., so he was at the next table, but for some reason my honey sees him on a regular basis: at the gas station, at the Captain's Table in Panama City, and there was another time of late. Lobo's a difficult character to forget once you've seen him, so there is always a recognition. I'm usually not too impressed by the "celebrity" fame - people are people. However, I will say Mr. Hart is very comfortable in his own skin, doesn't mind striking up a conversation, and smiles. His wife is also very nice. I did slip him a postcard with my "Dixie's Retreat" painting and told him next time he wanted to hang out with my man all he had to do was call me and I would arrange it. lol I appreciate "Real" people, and I'm pretty good at spotting phony people - David and his wife both seem very real and it was a pleasure meeting them both. Along with the many other people who came by and talked with me - Joe at the Museum, Marsha who lives on a sailboat with Chester (her dog) and a guitar player, Jan my pottery making friend, and many other Georgia folks and Tallahassee folks. Oh, and thank you Gary Wayne - owner of Market Street Antiques for allowing me to set up shop in front of your shop! It was a great day!

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