Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pancake Designs and a wonderful family!

Easter is a wonderful day in many ways, but for me it's extra special. I get to partake in my annual ritual of becoming a pancake designer. Yes, the domestic self comes to the surface and I design pancakes. Sunday is normally pancake breakfasts anyway, but on Easter Sunday my pancakes grow ears and a tail.

For those that know my mother, you know how serious (and opinionated) she can be. I'm sure she and I had "fun" when I was little, but the most exciting time I can remember with her was an Easter Sunday where she fixed bunny pancakes. ...just one year. When Jesse was born and grew teeth, I wanted to have him experience the "happy" I had when presented those brown buttered bunnies. ...and the ritual began.

This year, I'm sharing with you all - not a masterpiece, but I saw a guy on the Food network do some phenominal art with pancake batter. He had a squeezie ketchup bottle with batter for more control. I, on the other hand, had a measuring cup. ...I'm going to invest, and next year we'll compare works! (Lobo likes his a little more "brown" than I do!)

It was a little sad today at our family get together, as my Aunt Gerry, and Uncle Clarence were not able to be there. We usually have it at their house, I can never remember having Easter any where else in my 40+ years. We all met at my Cousin Margie's and had a wonderful feast and fellowship with family. You know, the "hmmmm now what's that person's name" moments. I saw Vicki & Debbie, and their children. It was good to see them - it's been years! Overall, it's been a great day! Happy Easter all!

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