Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wiki's, Blogs and Moodles, Oh My!

I had forgotten that I had a blog here. It must have been a night of dreaming...hence the blog name. I'm at the ACE conference in a workshop with the title of the post title. Dr. Debra Hargrove is doing the workshop and has helped to spark a lot of thinking. It's surprising that no-one can see the smoke pouring from my ears!

The blogging and wiki-ing can be a great educational helper, but the wheels are churning to find an acceptable and helpful use for the small number of adult ed students that I have (16-18 year olds included) that would also be acceptable to the technical gurus in my county. Lessen any liabilities there may be.

It's almost time to go on to the next workshop - same room though! So I bid you farewell until next time...

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